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    A whaling fleet aims to kill “whales” and “seals” of New Eden. They are shiny ships used by capsuleers living in non-secure systems, generally for grinding ISK. Whales are ships in capital and supercapital class, while seals can be ships at the sizes of battleships to cruisers. A carrier or a Rattlesnake is the most common type of whales we catch. A standard whale is generally worth 2 to 4 billion ISK.

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    A whaling fleet generally uses one or more Black Ops battleship to move across the hostile space. Once a hunter catches a target he lights his covert cynosural field, then the bridger Black Ops Battleship bridges the fleet on top of the target. In a Bombers Bar whaling fleet there is at least one Black Ops battleship for bridging, a lot of bombers for the DPS role, and a desired amount of recon ships for EWAR support. We accept bombers of any kind in fleet, and we have several fits ready for people of different SP amount. A whaling fleet uses Falcons, Rapiers and Arazus in field (in the order of importance). Combat Blopses are also welcome in some whaling fleets. Refer to the below section for the fits and instructions on how to fly them.

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    The essential element in a whaling fleet is hunters. A Bombers Bar whaling fleet uses several hunters hunting at once for targets, and the more hunters we have, the higher chance we have for catching a whale. Cyno hunting in Eve is very much like fishing in real life and the hunter role is fun to play. There are a few ships that are really suitable for the job, such as a Tengu or a prospect.




Bombers are the main dps wing of a whaling fleet. We have several fits for every capsuleer from the newbro to the bitter vet. The polarized fits are for the people who can afford them (we still have o’bombercare for them). The FVB (Focused Void Bomb) fits are for people who has the Bomb Deployment skill to level IV. Focused Void Bombs have a really important role (shutting down its tank) in killing the carriers. T2 fits are for people who has the torpedo launcher skill to level V. And if none of this work you can bring a simple T1 bomber.


Be aligned.


A bomber should always be ready to warp off when the FC calls for it. The first move is always aligning to a celestial after the hotdrop. Aligning back and forth between celestials is a common best practice.


Be cloaked.


The cloaking device is the best tanking module for a bomber. Always be cloaked unless the FC tells otherwise. If you are in doubt of the FCs command, being cloaked is way safer than not being cloaked.


Be alert.


Getting counterdropped is common in whaling business. As one of the most squishy ships in Eve, the best way for a bomber to survive is to respond quickly when things go south.


Focused void best void.


A FVB is the utmost enemy of a whale. Best way to use it is keeping at 33 km range of the whale, then approaching it, and launching the bomb when you are 30km off the whale.


Hunters have the most crucial role in the whaling fleet, that is finding whales and catching them. While technically most cloaky ships can fit a point and a covert cyno, only few ships are the most suitable for nullsec hunting. Prospects are the best starter ship but they lack combat probes, Tengus have the best overall use but also cost a lot, and the covert ops frigate can combat probe but they lack tank.


Hunting is fun.


It can be boring waiting behind for a tackled target in a whaling fleet at times . Hunting is a way different feeling of constant thrill. The general routine is training a second character and multiboxing.


Zero pressure.


If you ever hunt in a Bombers Bar fleet you will hunt alongside many veteran hunters. Caught something? You are the best! Could not get anything? Still worth the try.


Learn by doing.


You don't need to master hunting theory to start hunting. All you need is a hunting ship and a 30 minutes crash course from a veteran BB hunter. The best method of learning is by actually hunting.


Earn ISK by PvP.


We like to reward our hunters. A hunter reserves the right for the most valuable module that drops from the whale he caught. These modules can be between 100 million to 1 billion ISK.


Prospect is the best starter hunter ship. Its agile and fast. Its tank lets the hunter tackle the target and stay on grid with cyno lit for a long enough time for the fleet to take a bridge. However it is not combat probe capable, which is an important utility to miss.


Buzzard is for experienced hunters. It does not have much tank and it will die really fast, so the hunter should know what he is doing to get the fleet on top of a target. However it is combat probe capable and cheap, which is why it is preferred by many hunters.


Tengu is the best nullsec hunter ship overall. It is fast, agile, tanky and combat probe capable. It is also nullified which lets you bypass bubbled gates. However, it has to be combined with an ascendancy set which makes it a really expensive ship.


Recon ships provide the essential EWAR (electronic warfare) support for a whaling fleet. Falcons are the most important as they are the main counter to carrier fighters. Having one or two Rapiers enables a fleet to web down small, anti-bomber ships (such as a svipul) so the bombers can kill them easily. An Arazu is also a good addition for tackling whales and their friends at longer ranges and dampening their sensors. Pilgrims are unfortunately useless in Bombers Bar whaling, as they can’t neutralize a carrier and a battleship-size target dies too quickly for neuts to be useful.


A Falcon’s main job is handling the fighters of a carrier. If we let the fighters, they will kill many ships in our fleet each time we drop on a carrier. Thus target the fighters after the initial hotdrop and spread your jams across them. It is also the Falcon’s job to jam if anti-bomber support, such as a couple of Svipuls arrive on grid.


A Rapier’s main job is handling the anti-bomber support that might come to aid the whale we caught. The best way to counter especially kitey PvP ships such as Svipuls or Orthruses are Rapiers. Once the target is webbed down it becomes possible for the bombers to destroy it. When there are no such ships, web the fighters.


An Arazu has several jobs. If a logi ship or an antibomber support arrives on grid, targeting range dampen them. If an anti-bomber support is webbed by the Rapier, assist it with your long range tackle. If there is no other ship on grid, scan res damps, point and scram on the whale, especially if it is a carrier.

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