THE FIRST EVER TITAN KILL! FCON Erebus dies to Bombers Bar!

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It was one of these extremely lucky days, when a relatively small whaling fleet commanded by Lexa Griffin and Cowkiller spawned into the FCON space of Immensea. As she was also hunting for her fleet, she found an Erebus ratting in a belt, possibly AFK. She was in a covert ops hunting ship, and not a bubbler. While he had all the chance in the world, the titan did not warp off or jump away, and let the fleet establish tackle. Fleet might possible have had less tackles to fully hold a titan, but the pilot might have not had titan skill at level V. Within a minute he was incapped by focused void bombs to jump away, and bubbled by anchorable bubbles that the fleet carried.

To add up to several mistakes he made, he did not fit a cyno, and his attempts to anchor a mobile depots were easily detected and neutralized by the bombers. If he did have a cyno, and lit it before cynosural inhibitors went online, it was within jump range of FCON staging, where they had more than enough backup to save him. At one time he burn barely outside the bubble, but was bumped back by a Stratios of Chaos Auriales, just in time. He was not tanked at all too, so he died as fast as an average tanked carrier.

He died gloriously, giving Bombers Bar its first solo (non-whoring) titan kill, a 110 billion killmail, and some 4 billion loot.

We have sent him a follow up mail to the pilot to make sense of what happened, also asking if he had titan skill at level V. Apparently he was hunting for a Black Ops fleet and had the volume of his titan client muted. When he realized he was being attacked he was already tackled. And focused void bombs from the fleet disabled him from using his doomsday. The questions why he didn’t fit a cyno in the first place, or call for help from his alliancemates who were one jump bridge away, are still in the dark. Below is the full body of his response:


its at level 5 why? and i was hunting on my alt aswel for a blackopsfleet, had sounds off for some reason on the other client, tabbed back after a while to see you guys on my ass 😀 DD cycle finished just as the neutbombs sucked my cap dry and since your fc did a greatjob on focusing the mobile depots i wasnt able to refit to my actual fit, not that crapfit for angel drivebys 😀
and im not mad at all *enter overused didnt want that titan anyways comment here*, i made my job bad, you did yours right, karma is a bitch 😀

and ofc i saw the vid, since i was busy warping my slaveset out i didnt see the explosion xD”


Killmail this way. Videos below. Remember, anybody could have joined us in this kill. While it is unlikely that we find another helpless AFK titan for a long time, you never know! The other whales we catch meanwhile are not so bad either.  So see you hopefully in the next fleet!

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Bomber Perspective

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