Search “Chaos Amphal” in game, read her bio below, and send her the killmail accordingly.

To handle your payout, I need to have:

– Name of your FC,
– the killmail,
– and in case of a T3 hunter ship: Amount of donations you have received from the fleet.

Kill mails older than 1 week are no longer eligible for SRP, so make sure you send them to me in time.

Note: I usually do not answer mails. You only get the ISK transferred into your account and that’s it.

Intel: This character is not for intel and I will hate you if you send me any.
If you happen to have intel, ask for an FC in Bombers Bar or send it to bombersbarnpsi@gmail.com

– Capsules: Not covered.
– Bombers: 30m
– Polarized Bombers: 50m
– Recons: 200m
– Hunters, bubblers and CDs: Full up to 150m
– T3 hunters: Up to 500m (tell us how many donations you got and we’ll pay the difference up to total lost value or 500m. Insurance is taken into account as 30m).