Bombers Bar Wreaks Havoc In Provi in October

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An unconfirmed source relayed us a statistic by CCP Quant on %40 of damage dealt in Providence during October being missile damage. And apparently stealth bombers did more damage in Provi during the same month than tactical destroyers. 

Upon hearing those stats I went and checked the damage we have done in Provi. Of the number of total carriers (41) that died in the region, including those which died in fleet vs. fleet warfare, 16 of them died in the hands of Bombers Bar. In comparison, groups that continuously hunt in the region follow Bombers Bar by far, with Triumvirate killing 6 and Honorable Third Party killing 4 of them. There is a 500 bil spike in ISK killed in the region in the same month, mostly due to LUMPY and VOLT conflict, but looks like Bombers Bar contributed greatly in it as well, together with subcap kills.

Considering the fact Provi being only one of the regions in which we are hunting, and 16 being only a portion of the carriers we have killed during the months, these stats reassure how far along Bombers Bar has become in the whaling scene in New Eden.

I would especially like to commend our new USTZ FCs, Lexa and Cowkiller in their efforts to get those kills. Below is a list of all the kills. Well done Bombers Bar!  


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