142-man Pandemic Horde Fleet Evaporated in M-OEE8 Keepstar Battle

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We like big battles in null, as they give us the opportunity to use our damage bombs every once in a while. The M-OEEB Keepstar battle was the exact sort of opportunity to make epic bombruns real. Among many bombing fleets fielded by different entities, the Bombers Bar managed to conduct the night’s most epic bombrun thanks to our bombing genius Nova Valentis. 

143 man Horde fleet, about 10 billion worth, evaporated to nothingness. Click here for battlereport. Sorry Horde, NPSI business, nothing personal. Thanks for being good sports! The rest is there in the video to watch. Thanks Weirdball for editing it!

PS: We are NPSI, and these fleets are open to everyone. Make sure you come to Saturday structure timer and enjoy bombing stuff with Bombers Bar!

Below is the killmarks of Adam Kimboslice’s stealth bomber. He was one of the fleet’s lucky members, and the capsule fleet Horde formed after getting bombed 🙂


Pandemic Horde Perspective

Goonswarm Perspective

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