As of March 27 Bombers Bar attempted to hack into my personal gmail to gain access to the adminship of this website, and to change this announcement. Another bad decision in the series of bad decisions they are making.

As of March 25 they managed to alienate another hardworker, Linus. It seems to be arising from disagreements over deal with Spectre. I can understand it as Spectre literally wants Bombers Bar to collapse. In return, Linus took all the isk they had and left.

Dear Bombers Bar newbros and regulars.

I am putting this here because I believe in your right to know what’s going on in the NPSI care about.

BB entered a decline period a few months ago, beginning from the time when I left FCing and bartending for it. I impulsively enraged at the PL leader for insulting the value (NPSI) that is dear to us, causing them to AWOX 2 BB fleets in return, which was the prima facie cause for me to stop FCing. You will all notice the lack of awesome fleets since then, where we kill tens of billions orchestrating complicated tactics. Both the quality and the quantity of BB fleets has been declining. I wanted tp tell you the reason why, and you will be warned. 

After leaving FCing I was still coming to fleets, and doing stuff I liked to do, with some of the BB people with whom we have flown together for a long time. As of this week they sold me out, adding yet another to a series of bad decisions they have been making. In the beginning of March they completely banned me from Bombers Bar, and from my PERSONAL wormhole too, and they killed my Astrahus on March 7th. This was due to not complying with them in two following issues.

First of all they wanted to buy the BB website/domain, which I worked so hard last year for your benefit. They wanted to delete this website and put up a new one. I thought their idea was bad for several reasons I can’t expand here (read the pastebin I will link later if you’re interested in details). So I didn’t feel like doing them YET ANOTHER favor, and asked for AT LEAST a compensation of the real life money I spent to the website last year, which is 150 dollars (hosting, domain name and wordpress theme) in ISK. They had more than enough ISK, but they gave me an offer which was about 1/3rd. Their approach to the new website was already a visionless one, so I declined, which made them mad.

Secondly they wanted me to stop posting on reddit. I was enjoying few overly honest months on reddit after I left BB. I was not hold back by representing BB anymore, so I didn’t need to be politically correct. So I could tell what I thought about PL, Wingspan or other entities. It doesn’t mean everybody should agree, but they were my opinion. They thought I was still somehow representing BB and making it look bad, so asked me to stop. I thought they can’t ask me that as I don’t do bartending for Bombers Bar anymore, I DONT WANT TO represent BB anymore. One thing they could do was banning me and I was prepared. I was still catching them lots of targets as a hunter so their loss anyway.

Thus they banned me from Bombers Bar which I thought, even though it was another childlike decision, they had the right to do it, because they own BB and I left. But they also kicked me from my wormhole (the one we did regular fleets from), and from my alliance, and they killed my Astrahus. We found that wormhole as 5 people. Chaos and Cowkiller went behind others’ back, even though they were the minority, and decided I should go, and forced me out of the wormhole. They recently invited more BB FCs into the wormhole, without asking anyone else’s permission, and they used these people’s help to forcibly kick me. So they separated me with some of my friends too.

This was the final straw in lots and lots of background issues we had, in which I felt like I always tried to innovate and push BB to do better and better things, and they held me back. This wore me down and that was the initial reason why I left BB so easily after we got awoxed by PL. If you are curious about this background, I am making my initial response to them public here, so you can read my side for yourself.

Point is, I am sick and tired of watching these people ruining the NPSI I loved, stealing my hard work and innovations for their own use, and kicking me to thank for it. Be it the wormhole we found, the Armada doctrine, the videos and other marketing content I made, or the website, they are to this day still benefiting lots of things I made/innovated for them. Even their alliance name (Sustainable Whaling) is mine. And after 2 years of hard work, they had the nerve to kick me from my wormhole.

As a response to their spoiledness, and AS I HAVE WARNED THEM THAT I WOULD DO, I am making it my mission to render their BB fleets or other operations dysfunctional to the best of my abilities. In the BB side of it, there will be some collateral damage. Some of you will lose ships in different ways if you join their fleets. Here is a list of people. Any fleet which they FC OR which they are somehow a part of, is a target for me. These people either decided for my eviction or helped with it.


Nova Valentis

Flora Vida


Maddy Zabbara

I really liked BB, but vision Nova, Chaos and people like them lacked causes it to decline or stay stale. We have been offering much better content compared to Spectre, but were still so behind in popularity/fleet numbers, because BB leadership just didn’t have enough knowledge or didn’t spend the effort to make it better. They are just a few charismatic people, who can make people like them, but it takes more than charisma to make an Eve entity great. If BB has seen Titan kills and 200 billion killed a month, it was thanks to people like me and we are either too tired to deal with them, or don’t give a shit anymore. 

Sorry for this, but it is their fault. Consider yourself warned about joining their fleets.

The NPSI Community For Cloakies

The “Not Purple Shoot It” doctrine allows stealth enthusiasts from all over New Eden to come together in a fleet. No corporations. No politics. Just explosions.

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    Did you start Eve just a month ago? You will not feel lost in a Bombers Bar fleet, and it will be a cosy learning environment.

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    Becoming a BB regular grants you access to many niche ways of playing cloaky in Eve. Become part of a squad, and learn from some of the best players.

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    You never “have to” do anything in Bombers Bar. All participation and contribution is fully volunteer basis. Fleet up with us whenever you feel like!

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    The only permanent rule in Bombers Bar. An impartial environment is the key to bring together capsuleers from all backgrounds. Fly with whom you enjoy flying!

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    You don’t have to be an FC to look for fellow cloakies to fleet up in the in game chat channel. Just take initiative and explode stuff together. Or join the FC team!

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    Hunters and FCs receive a portion of loot in whaling fleets. All the more incentive to take initiative and hunt/FC for Bombers Bar. PvP ISK best ISK!

Bombers Bar Doctrines

Whaling Fleets

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    Hunt and kill player owned PvE ships. Catch whales (supercapitals and capitals) and seals (battleships and cruisers) and kill them in “non-consensual” combat.

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    Bring focused void bombers to cap out enemy whales or hunting ships to get into the renowned covert cyno career.

  • Connector.Connector.


    Catch and kill as many whales as possible. Be careful about baits and counter-drops. Always be aligned!

Wolfpack Fleets

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    Who says bomber fleets cannot brawl? Fight with small to medium sized fleets in this trademark doctrine of Bombers Bar.

  • Connector.Connector.


    Bring guidance bombers (wolfpack fits available in the fitting page) for maximum range and damage application, or recons for all kinds of ewar.

  • Connector.Connector.


    Dominate the battle, camp gates or roam. Use a mixture of bombs and torps to overcome enemy fleets.

Bombing Fleets

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    Bomb huge battleship, battlecruiser and cruiser fleets in most sophisticated and elegant ways orchestrated by Bombers Bar.

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    Bring bombers with damage bombs and join a bomber squadron. Immediately warp out after launching your bomb!

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    Bombing runs are designed to eradicate entire fleets. Bombers Bar was found on doing those and excelled ever since. Eve doesn’t get more satisfactory than a successful bombing run!


How to join a fleet?



Join the in game chat channel “Bombers Bar” ,┬áthe mailing list “Bombers Bar ML”, and sign up for the Bombers Bar slack.



Check out time for the next fleet. Preannounced fleets are in the BB channel MOTD. Rageform fleets which are announced on Slack.



Bring your ship to the preannounced staging system, and X up in the channel when the fleet time comes. You’re in!

Bombers Bar does not have a static staging system but it is recommended to have clones & ships ready in: Thera, Jita & Amarr.


Join Bombers Bar Teamspeak

And never disable your mic!


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Enjoy O’Bombercare

On the off chance you lose a ship during a Bombers Bar fleet, you get most of its value back.

O’bombercare is sponsored by the loot we get from our kills.


30 million ISK (50m for polarized)

Force Recons

200 million ISK


Full amount (500 million ISK limit for T3 ships)